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Hazardous Materials Area
33,000 sf

Dallas Transfer is unique among Dallas area public warehouses in the range and quality of its hazardous materials areas and programs.

  • Three primary types of hazardous products are stored - Class II and III Combustible Liquids, Class I, II, and III Oxidizers and Corrosives.

  • In 1993 Dallas Transfer constructed within its warehouse two 1,000sf combustible liquids rooms, a 22,000sf oxidizer room and a 9,000sf corrosive basin.
Hazardous Materials Area

These areas were built to meet 1992 Uniform Fire Code requirements as adopted by the Dallas Fire Department and City of Dallas Code Enforcement.

  • They have full containment with the combustible liquid rooms and oxidizer room separated by two hour fire walls.
  • The sprinkler system was upgraded to meet h-2 and h-3 standards.
  • The separate rooms have continuous forced ventilation appropriate to their size, central station smoke detection and emergency alarms.
  • Doors and ventilation ports to the rooms are all self-closing.

Dallas Transfer maintains a rigorous on-going safety and hazardous materials training program for all of its employees. Its Training and Safety Supervisor is an active participant in the Dallas Local Emergency Preparedness Committee (LEPC) and maintains a continuous dialog with the Dallas Fire Marshall. Dallas Transfer is a member of IWLA's Council of Chemical Logistics Providers and participates in the Council's audit program.